New release v4.9.3.0 of C/C++ compiler for TriCore

on Friday, 16 November 2018. Posted in News Blog, Frontpage News

Focus to extended AURIX 2G support and new generation IDE

New version v4.9.3.0 of the Hightec toolset for TriCore is available.

The main new features in this C/C++ compiler for TriCore, AURIX and AURIX 2G are:

  • Brand new Eclipse IDE, very comprehensive and user-friendly
  • Support for new AURIX 2G variants, like TC35xx, TC37xx, TC38xx, TC39xx
  • Board support packages for the new derivatives

The new TriCore compiler version is available immediately for new license sales. Depending on the maintenance and support agreement, this new version is available to registered license holders as free update, available through the download portal.

The new version is also available for evaluation.