Application Engineer

  • Prague, Czech Republic

We are looking for a colleague, a programmer who is not afraid of compilers, interrupts from peripherals, or system control using a real-time operating system.

As a member of the application team, you will be in charge of developing and deploying new versions of compilers for architectures used in Embedded systems such as ARM, AURIX, or PowerPC. You will support and create new modules for the RTOS system we supply to our business partners.

Description our local office

What is Your role

  • Develop quality function code, supporting our Compiler and RTOS products
  • Implement technical reference solutions for customers
  • Co-create an application eco-system for our RTOS kernel product like drivers and communication stacks
  • Actively contribute to the definition of new product features based on customer experience and feedback

What  we would like You to bring-in

  • Ability to write structured and functional C / C ++ code and to understand it
  • Knowledge of essential elements of Embedded systems such as microcontrollers, compilers, hardware boards, communication buses
  • Strive to finish things, event the remaining 10% :-)
  • Preference of teamwork


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