Release MCS C-Compiler v1.8

on Monday, 27 November 2017. Posted in News Blog

New version v1.8 of the MCS C-Compiler Toolchain was released. New features are:

  • Optimization of the SFR intrinsics for read-modify-write operations
  • Code optimization for the MCS accelerated mode
  • New structure type __aru_t for the ARU interface functions
  • Volatile treatment of SFR registers
  • Improvement of the calling convention for a more efficient use of registers

The GTM compiler has been developed in close cooperation with the IP vendor and is used by leading Tier1s.

The most benefit of 'C' programming you can get when using it on architectures implementing GTM/MCS 3.x version.

The compiler can be mixed with legacy GTM assembly code.

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