ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification

on Sunday, 27 January 2013. Posted in News Blog

HighTec Development Platform

The HighTec compiler product so-called Development Platform is a NQA certified software tool according to ISO 26262 for safety related development. The NQA assessment and resulting tool certification of the HighTec products offer development organization the required evidence to demonstrate compliance with ISO 26262 standards. The Qualification Kit provides documentation, certificates and templates that help you use it on your projects on the ISO 26262 standards. Please see the certificate for details.

ISO 26262 Part 8, Chapter 11 recommends that software tools such as compiler tools be qualified in order to provide evidence of software tool suitability for use when developing a safety-related software. Such qualification must indicate that an errorneous result form the tool can be detected by appropriate measures and prevent a violation of any safety requirement.