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PPU: MetaWare


HighTec offers a complete MetaWare ecosystem, including optimization libraries and math functions.

The MetaWare compiler, developed by Synopsys and supported and distributed by HighTec, is based on LLVM technology, allowing for straightforward integration with HighTec's compiler solutions.

This collaboration and shared LLVM compiler technology ensure that our customers can effortlessly leverage the benefits of both compiler technologies, guaranteeing seamless interoperability.

Model-Based Development for AURIX™ TC4x/PPU with MatWorks HSP and C/C++ Compilers from HighTec

The MathWorks® AURIX TC4x Hardware Support Package (HSP) enables full utilization of model-based development benefits on the AURIX TC4x. In particular, the PPU can be used to its full potential.

HighTec offers all necessary C/C++ compilers to translate the code generated by the Embbeded Coder® for use on either the TriCore™ CPU or the PPU vector engine.


The model-based development approach is ideal for applications with time series prediction.

Getting Started Guide

HighTec offers a detailed Getting Started Guide that includes all essential information:

  • Installation of all tools
  • 2 Simulink example projects ready for the TC4x
  • A comprehensive tutorial on how to create the projects from scratch

To get this document and the example projects, please send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "PPU Getting Started Guide" as a subject