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MCAL and More...

As Infineon Preferred Design House and STMicroelectronics authorized partner, HighTec markets various software frameworks from these semiconductor vendors, such as AUTOSAR MCAL libraries, safety related libraries (SafeTlib) and security software.

HighTec supports its customers with design-in decisions, purchasing, technical support and in-house trainings. Project consultancy support is also provided by the experienced Application Engineers from the HighTec Prague office. The team has gained extensive experience at various semiconductor vendors, supporting end-users in a wide range of hardware and software challenges, including AUTOSAR based developments.

Below an overview is listed of HighTec's offering for Infineon/AURIX and STMicroelectronics Power Architecture and ARM based applications.


Infineon and STMicroelectronics AUTOSAR MCAL

  • HighTec is world-wide reseller
  • MCAL configuration, review and integration in customer application framework
  • AUTOSAR Complex Driver development
  • MCAL integration with multi-core RTOS

Infineon SafeTLib for AURIX and SafeTPack for AURIX 2G

  • SafeTLib/SafeTPack integration in a customer application framework
  • Test framework setup and configuration

STMicroelectronics safety components

  • CST (CoreSelfTest), IST (InstructionSelfTest) integration support
  • MCAL Qualification Package for ISO 26262 compliant software development

Driver development

  • Custom driver development for Infineon and STMicroelectronics devices
  • Custom integration of low level drivers/MCAL based drivers
  • Integration of advanced SW layers, such as Bootstrap, TCP/IP stacks, files system, etc.
  • PXROS-HR RTOS driver development

System architecture and design

  • Single-core to multi-core migration
  • Multi-core based application architecture and partitioning design
  • Porting of non-OS based applications to OS-based system

HighTec Solutions

  • Application and build frameworks based on HighTec C/C++ compiler (ARM (e.g. Stellar), Power Architecture, AURIX)
  • Build Toolchain migration into HighTec Toolchain
  • Safety multi-core real-time operating system design with PXROS-HR RTOS
  • ISO26262, IEC61508 Build Tool Qualification

Advanced technical trainings

Example of hands-on exercise in PXROS training

  • HighTec Build Tools
  • Infineon SafeTLib/SafeTPack Integration
  • MCAL Integration drivers
  • PXROS-HR RTOS Technical Trainings
  • Using Advanced AURIX Peripherals: GTM/MCS and HSM

Detailed information about our training programs is available in 2-page PDF brochures. Contact us for the courses of your choice and our training team will follow up with you. We do 2-day in-house trainings in your company, but we also provide various free 1-hour webtrainings.