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Rust Development Platform for Infineon AURIX

New: ASIL D Qualified Rust Development Platform for AURIX™

First ISO 26262 ASIL D Qualified AURIX Rust Compiler

Being fully committed to safety and innovation, HighTec now offers the first ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified Rust Compiler Development Platform for Infineon AURIX. This marks a significant industry milestone towards increased security, safety and efficiency in automotive software development.

In the rapidly evolving Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs), security, complexity, and cost-effectiveness present significant challenges, moving the industry towards secure, safer and more efficient programming solutions. Rust is a memory safe programming language that provides major advantages over traditional languages by minimizing security risks, shortening development cycles and reducing costs.

The HighTec Rust Compiler, tailored for AURIX TC3x and TC4x microcontrollers, leverages the advanced open-source LLVM technology to deliver the full range of Rust language features, including memory safety, concurrency, and interoperability, for applications with strict requirements regarding safety, security, high-performance, and rapid deployment.



HighTec's pioneering step towards the Rust compiler qualification, that goes beyond language conformity, complements its successful C/C++ compiler for Infineon AURIX microcontrollers, which is also ASIL D qualified according to ISO 26262.

Both compilers are built on the cutting-edge LLVM open-source technology. This unified toolchain solution allows seamless integration of newly developed Rust code with legacy C/C++ code or a so-called hybrid development approach. Therefore, software developers e.g. can identify critical functions in terms of security, rewrite that part in Rust and integrate it in their overall system.


New: AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem

In a joint activity, HighTec cooperates with Infineon, Bluewind and Veecle to develop a Rust Startup Ecosystem. This initiative aims to enable customers easily and quickly get started with Rust for evaluation or pre-development purposes.

From bottom to top, the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem consists of:

  • Peripheral Access Crate (PAC) from Infineon allowing direct peripheral access for Rust.
  • Rust specific peripheral low-level drivers from Bluewind written in native Rust.
  • A precompiled version of PXROS-HR from HighTec, an ASIL D multicore RTOS with a Rust wrapper on top.
  • A Rust runtime from Veecle (NOS) that integrates with PXROS-HR and allows writing of modern event drive software in Rust for AURIX.
  • HighTec offers a combined package of the AURIX Rust and C/C++ compiler allowing to build projects with Rust and C/C++ sources. The package also includes Cargo, the Rust build system and package manager to access all resources that come with the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem.
  • A set of different example projects, ready to run on a TC375 Lite-Kit completes this package, and includes bare metal examples, or complex Rust / C/C++ examples.

To evaluate our new Rust Development Platform and the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem fill in the registration form at Request of Evaluation Key



In addition to the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem, there is a growing community supporting Rust for AURIX:

  • Rust debugger solutions from Lauterbach and PLS
  • Rust technical training from Doulos
  • Rust engineering services from ITK
  • Plan for Rust solution in the AUTOSAR context

All partners of the AURIX Rust Ecosystem are described and listed at Rust Partner Ecosystem


Features and Benefits

HighTec’s Rust Development Platform enables the implementation of the Rust features for the AURIX multicore architecture, including:

  • Advanced Multi-Core support

    • The proprietary solution for migrating to multi-core
    • Based on linker level (ISO and EABI compliant) - a portable solution for migrating to multi-core
    • Application code can be ported to multi-core without source code modification
    • Proven software can be easily migrated to multi-core silicon
    • Support of homogenous and heterogeneous Multi-Core architectures
  • Memory Safety

    Ownership and borrowing system ensures that memory-related vulnerabilities such as null pointers and buffer overflows are prevented at compile time. This makes Rust applications safe and secure.
  • Concurrency

    Support for threads and async/await allow software developers to write concurrent programs that can take advantage of modern multicore processors such as the AURIX microcontrollers, improving performance and responsiveness. Allows the integration with RTOS (e.g PXROS-HR, …)
  • Interoperability

    Allows integration of existing C/C++ code with Rust, enabling developers to use Rust's memory-safe and performance features without redesigning their entire application
  • Zero-cost Abstractions

    Allows developers to write high-level code that can be compiled to efficient low-level machine code without sacrificing performance. This makes Rust suitable for applications where performance is critical.
  • Build and Package Manager (Cargo)

    Provides a built-in set of tools that assist developers in managing their projects efficiently, resulting in improved code quality and maintainability. Cargo simplifies the process of building, testing, and packaging Rust projects, while also ensuring the dependency management, versioning, and distribution of code packages are handled seamlessly
  • Type Safety

    Strong type system prevents many common programming errors and improves code reliability, maintainability, and developer productivity
  • Type-State API

    Allows better static analysis of the code and enforces more fine-grained constraints at compile time on the use of resources, double-free errors, and preventing race conditions between threads, resulting in a more robust and reliable system


Request Rust Evaluation Package

To evaluate our new Rust Development Platform and the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem fill in the registration form at Request of Evaluation Key

  • Our sales team will review your request and send you the evaluation license key.
  • The evaluation version of our compiler is not restricted in functionality. The evaluation license that we will provide to you is valid for 30 days. If you have any questions regarding the usage of our tools, please contact our support team during your evaluation period and we will gladly support you.


Access to AURIX Rust Resources

The HighTec package that we provide with your evaluation is also the starting point to access all other resources of the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem.

For direct access of the products included in the AURIX Rust Startup Ecosystem, please use the following Github links: