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Rust Partner Ecosystem



Bluewind provides innovative product and software engineering across diverse sectors, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, and medical industries.
They function as a key competence center in functional safety, cybersecurity, and system modeling.
Bluewind is made of strategic consultants, guiding clients through each phase of the project, ensuring outcomes that exceed expectations.

For over 10 years, Bluewind has been a long-standing partner to HighTec and an official distributor of HighTec EDV-Systeme tools.
Bluewind is exploring the potential of the multi-paradigm Rust programming language as a preferred alternative for developing software modules in new dependable systems:

  • Developing Rust peripheral drivers for Infineon AURIX TC37x,
    examples can be found here:
  • Taking part of the “AURIX™ Rust Startup Ecosystem”
  • Incorporating Rust to its knowledge and expertise in designing safety-oriented embedded platforms.
  • Providing expert services for the code porting and customization in Rust for developing software modules intended for projects with functional safety requirements and high dependability.

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Doulos provides training solutions globally to engineers and developers designing the latest technologies. They provide public scheduled classes and bespoke team training both In-Person and Live Online. Their course portfolio includes embedded software, AI & deep learning and hardware design and verification courses. Doulos have added Rust courses to their portfolio to accelerate project-readiness for Rust developers. The hands-on Rust Fundamentals course teaches:

  • Fundamental principles & syntax basics
  • Memory management (with ownership & borrowing principles)
  • Rust project management
  • Advanced language constructs and abstract data types
  • How to use Rust with legacy code in C/C++

Doulos are also developing Rust for Embedded Firmware course which will cover the application of the Rust programming language in the context of embedded systems. It explains how to program a modern embedded microcontroller, mixing Rust code with C and C++ and driver development or the HAL concept.

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ITK Engineering, a global tech company, draws on methods-driven expertise to provide platform-independent and customized software and system development services as well as technical consulting in various industries - from embedded systems to cloud computing and artificial intelligence. In addition, the IP rights and source code can be fully transferred to the customer on request. With around 1,300 employees, the company is an innovative force in digital engineering and since 2017 ITK has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH.

ITK combines HighTec's safety qualified compilers based on LLVM that allows seamless uses of Rust and C/C++ in the same project with ITK's services for technical consulting and implementation for automotive and industrial companies wishing to adopt Rust. Together they provide as a unique offering an accelerated path to delivery for “ready to use software developed in Rust” with customized engineering services.

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For over 40 years, Lauterbach has been a trusted partner at the side of the world's leading technology companies, enabling their embedded innovations for a smarter, more sustainable world. Today their TRACE32® debug and trace tools for microprocessors are the de-facto standard in many industries. By supporting the Rust Development Platform for Infineon AURIX™, also Rust developers now have access to the features of the world's leading debug and trace tools.

PowerDebug is a powerful, modular, flexible debug system which provides the broadest coverage of supported chips and core architectures in the embedded industry. It provides the best performance and solves the most complex problems. Key Highlights are unlimited multicore debugging, OS- and hypervisor-awareness and extensions with trace and logic analyzers.

PowerTrace collects information while the system under examination is running normally, without interruption and without impacting its real-time performance in any way. You can determine the performance of your application and coverage data for certifying safety critical applications. Key Highlights are unlimited multicore tracing, trace recording at highest data rates and ultra long trace to capture everything.

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PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH, based in Lauta (Germany), is the manufacturer of the debugger, test and trace framework Universal Debug Engine® (UDE®). The UDE combines powerful capabilities for debugging, testing and system-level analysis with efficiency and ease of use.

The UDE® for Rust applications on TriCore is able to load applications created by the HighTec’s Rust Development Platform.

  • Display programs in *rs files with syntax highlighting of Rust keywords
  • High-Level language run control
  • Display of static and local variables
  • Memory/Register view
  • Supports simulator TSIM and real targets

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Veecle develops software solutions for the embedded and automotive industry fully in Rust
Since 03.23 Veecle supports AURIX™ TC3xx and provides:

  • Examples of how to develop AURIX drivers that exploit Rust’s compiler to avoid configuration and usage errors. Examples can be found here:
  • Dependency-free libraries for:
    • Asynchronous execution: embedded code is heavily event and I/O driven. Veecle async library massively reduces the complexity of code that relies on multitasking
    • Type-state API: most embedded execution work in state-machine fashion. Veecle type-state library enforces execution order and rules at compile type
    • Type-safe processing: embedded data are transmitted via binary protocols. Veecle encoder library provides type-safe, memory-safe, and allocation-free binary encoders and decoders 
  • Expertise on how to develop embedded Rust software

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