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Buying C compilers, RTOS, MCAL and more

You can purchase the HighTec C/C++ compilers for TriCore, AURIX, ARM and PowerPC directly from one of the HighTec sales offices, or from one of our authorized sales and support partners. Through our sales network we can assist you on your purchase decisions, both from a technical perspective as from a best-fit licensing model for your use-case or development set-up.

Generally a tool is just a small part of the complete development chain that you need to able to overlook. HighTec can provide however already a larger part of that chain, such as the C/C++ compiler, MCAL or SafeTlib libraries, a safety-approved multi-core RTOS, on-site training and consultancy. This guarantees a delivery of products that are proven-in-use and compatible with each other, providing you the possibly the main/core part of the total solution that you require.

Contact our Sales & Marketing team for detailed information or assistance.

C/C++ compiler licensing models

We offer a multitude of different license models to fit your needs and development set-up. Whether you are a single developer, or part of a large team with locations all over the globe, we support various different models:

  • Standalone single-user license
  • Floating license, for single-site or multiple sites, with roaming option
  • Build-server license
  • Licenses for Windows, Linux or other hosts

HighTec applies a fair licensing policy to its users. While you are using the IDE, no license is being allocated, so you can simply edit your program code without worrying about locking a license. Instead of an unproductive license linger (block) time, we offer a configurable license cache-time to fit your development set-up and working model. This will keep your build times short and your team's productivity high!

MCAL, SafeTlib and PXROS-HR licensing

Software libraries and RTOS products are usually offered through Development Licenses and Production Licenses, or a combination by means of Project Licenses. We help you to understand the models offered by the semiconductor vendors and advise you on the best fit for your application.

For PXROS-HR, HighTec's RTOS for TriCore, we offer Production Licenses based on volume, or as buy-out model.

Proven-in-use versions

We frequently get requests to deliver product versions that are slightly older than the actual product release. This due to validated compatibility/qualification with certain products from third parties. HighTec can deliver these "legacy" products and licenses with the purchase of the actual release, giving you the option to benefit from a compatible compiler version and/or to develop with the "latest and greatest" version that provides support for the newest microcontroller derivatives from the semiconductor partners.

Product training

We are ready to run training courses and integration workshops on the Development Platform (compiler), MCAL, SafeTlib and PXROS-HR on-site at your location. While our courses are prepared to touch the most requested topics and development challenges, we often get requests to extend or tailor a course to the needs of the customer for a specific project/application.

Such custom extensions can usually be developed quickly, due to the broad knowledge base that our trainers have on both hardware and software matters. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.