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AURIX TC4x: Safety Solutions from HighTec

HighTec is your one-stop vendor if you are looking for dependable safety solutions for the Infineon AURIX TC4x microcontroller family.

Source: Infineon Technologies

HighTec offers a complete C/C++ compiler suite including compilers for all CPU cores, a Rust compiler tool set for TriCore, a multi core safety RTOS with PXROS-HR and AUTOSAR MCAL packages.




  • Modern LLVM based open source compiler technology
  • Compliant with ISO 26262 ASIL D
  • Performance leading optimizations
  • Compliant with a large 3rd party ecosystem such as AUTOSAR stack, COM stack, debugger solutions or verification and test suites
  • Fast and competent technical support including examples and training
  • One-stop vendor for TC4x products

Explore our comprehensive suite of products, tailored for the AURIX TC4x family, ensuring safety, performance, and reliability for your next safety-critical project.

Free evaluation versions of all compiler tools and software can be requested from here.


Complete Compiler Solution for All the Architectures Within AURIX TC4x

  • Advanced Multi-Core support

    • The proprietary solution for migrating to multi-core
    • Based on linker level (ISO and EABI compliant) - a portable solution for migrating to multi-core
    • Application code can be ported to multi-core without source code modification
    • Proven software can be easily migrated to multi-core silicon
    • Support of homogenous and heterogeneous Multi-Core architectures
  • TriCore 1.8

    TriCore 1.8 including Cyber-Security Real-Time Module (CSRM)

    • C++ Compiler based on the latest LLVM infrastructure , featuring support for double precision floating point, hypervisor support, and 128-bit load/store capabilities. Achieving leading edge benchmark results

    • Rust Compiler based on latest LLVM technology, featuring memory safety, concurrency, type safety, type state and C/C++ interoperability. For further details, visit the dedicated HighTec Rust page
  • PPU

    Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) and Converter-Digital Signal Processing (CDSP)

    • Parallel C and C/C++ compiler based on LLVM technology developed by Synopsys, supported and distributed by HighTec. It offers complete MetaWare ecosystem support and seamless interoperability with all HighTec compiler solutions
  • SCR

    SCR: 8-bit standby controller

    • C compiler support for small and large memory models, as well as inline assembler functionality

    GTM/MCS v4.x: A Generic Timer Module with high timer resolution

    • C compiler based on LLVM technology that provides built-in compiler intrinsic functions for special function registers, wait instructions, and ARU and AEI bus access.

Development Platform IDE

Eclipse based IDE allows the managed build using the HighTec compiler tools. The IDE includes a project wizard with pre-configured board support packages. Ready to uses examples projects can be downloaded and imported via the content manager.

ISO 26262 ASIL D Certification and QKit

HighTec offers for its compiler an ISO 26262 Tool Qualification with an ASIL D methodology certified by TÜV.

Ensures the highest safety standards for your safety-critical application while maintaining for the customer a simple and straightforward process.

The HighTec Qkit provides a collection of documents that serves as evidence that the developed application using the HighTec compiler is compliant with the safety standard ISO 26262.

For further details, visit our Qkit page.

PPU: MetaWare for AURIX Distribution

Complete MetaWare ecosystem, including optimization libraries and math functions.

The MetaWare compiler, developed by Synopsys and supported and distributed by HighTec, is based on LLVM technology, allowing for straightforward integration with HighTec's compiler solutions.

This collaboration and shared LLVM compiler technology ensure that our customers can effortlessly leverage the benefits of both compiler technologies, guaranteeing seamless interoperability.

Further information about the Model-Based Development for AURIX TC4x/PPU with MatWorks HSP and C/C++ Compilers from HighTec here


In addition to the safety compiler solution, HighTec offers a safety certified multicore RTOS, tailored for the AURIX family including TC4x. PXROS-HR distinguishes itself from other RTOS solutions through its unique set of features, which includes:

  • MPU Protection: All objects in the system are MPU protected
  • Multicore RTOS: No data copying, safe IPC and flexible assignment of tasks.
  • Safety Certified RTOS: ASIL D (ISO 26262) and SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • High Performance: No interrupt locks or spin locks.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with MCALs, SafeTPack, COM stacks (TCP/IP, DDS, …)
  • Dynamic Runtime Features: Flexible resource management with runtime generation, allocation, and release of objects.

For further information, please contact us.


Complete HighTec AURIX TC4x ecosystem overview:

  • TriCore 1.8: Rust and C/C++ compiler
  • Cyber-Security Real-Time Module (CSRM): Rust and C/C++ compiler
  • PPU and CDSP: Parallel C and C/C++ compiler
  • Complete MetaWare Ecosystem: Including optimization libraries and functions
  • GTM/MCS v4.x: C compiler
  • SCR: C compiler
  • Tool Qualification Certified by TÜV: Up to ASIL D (ISO 26262)
  • Development platform IDE
  • Safety Multicore RTOS: PXROS-HR certified up to ASIL D (ISO 26262), SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
  • Windows and Linux Support
  • AUTOSAR MCAL Drivers: Worldwide reseller
  • SafeTPack Drivers: Worldwide reseller
  • Preferred Design House (PDH) of Infineon
  • Compliant with 3rd party Ecosystems: Debuggers, COM stacks, Verification and Test suites
  • Detailed Product Documentation: In-depth documentation, user guides, and datasheets for all AURIX TC4x products
  • Examples: For all TC4x products with different levels of complexity

One-Stop Vendor Advantage

HighTec with its broad offering of safety solutions is your one-stop vendor for Infineon AURIX TC4x, ensuring:

  • Seamless interoperability
  • Scalable solutions according to your requirements
  • Consistency in our support for you
  • Efficient use of time and resources
  • Comprehensive communication and support