Release MCS C-Compiler v2.0

on Sunday, 12 August 2018. Posted in News Blog, Frontpage News

New version v2.0 of the MCS C Compiler Toolchain was released. New features are:

  • HighTec's "NEW" Eclipse IDE supports MCS C Compiler
  • Optimization of test operations in conditional jumps
  • Optimization of read of ACB register
  • Support of intrinsic __mcs_set_MHB()
  • Support of section per function and data
  • Implementation of errata GTM-IP-304.

The GTM compiler has been developed in close cooperation with the IP vendor and is used by leading Tier1s. The compiler is available as standalone solution as well as in attractive combination "Packs" with compilers for the main CPU.

The most benefit of 'C' programming you can get when using it on architectures implementing GTM/MCS 3.x version. The C code can be mixed with legacy GTM assembly code.

While the C compiler can be used standalone, it can also be used in conjunction with HighTec's C compilers for the main CPU (on which the GTM/MCS core is hosted). The compiler can also be used in combination with other vendor's C compiler for the main CPU.