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HighTec C/C++ Compiler Suite extends support for new NXP S32Z and S32E Real-Time Processor Families

HighTec extends tool support for the new NXP S32 Automotive Platform processors to help enable automotive customers to build safe and secure applications (Image copyright: NXP® Semiconductors)

Saarbrücken/Germany, 30 June 2022 – Always at the forefront of providing tools for the most recent processors, HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH has just announced the support of their C/C++ Compiler Suite for NXP® Semiconductors’ new S32Z and S32E families of real-time processors. The new processors extend the NXP S32 Automotive Platform within and across domains for vehicle control, vehicle networking, as well as body and comfort features, and target automotive software developers for safe and securely connected vehicles. HighTec’s ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified Arm® compiler supports the AUTOSAR® Adaptive Platform that relies on C++14 language standard and generates an optimized target code for safety critical applications. As a long-standing tools partner for NXP and their S32 Automotive Platform devices, HighTec provides a proven and modern compiler technology for the most recent architectures.

The new NXP S32Z and S32E processors offer a fully scalable automotive computing architecture focusing on vehicle safe control, driving propulsion domain control, and electrification of the vehicles. This new class of automotive processors addresses the key market trends in automotive such as the ECU consolidation, domain and zonal control, and software-defined vehicles (SDV) with high-performance real-time processing. The gigahertz-class processors with Arm® Cortex-R52 and Cortex-M33 processor cores support a high level of ECU consolidation with virtual machines using “core-to-pin” hardware isolation. These new processors support the latest GTM 4.1, memory up to 64 MB of flash memory, and LPDDR flash/DRAM to support AUTOSAR Adaptive island platforms for SDV. These processors are designed according to processes that were certified to ISO 26262 for functional safety and ISO 21344 for cybersecurity, including support for embedded cryptography accelerators./

The HighTec C/C++ Compiler is based on innovative LLVM open-source technology and covers the full range of Arm® Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M architectures. The Arm® compiler supports Cortex-R52 and Cortex-M33 processors cores, and its certified standard libraries comply to the highest safety level ISO 26262 ASIL D. In addition to the Arm® compiler, HighTec offers a standalone GTM/MCS compiler enabling C programming for the latest GTM IP 4.1 for automotive applications. The suite also supports the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard and includes compiler security extensions. HighTec is known for its reliable technical support and ensures successful design-ins. HighTec offers a set of technical training sessions such as an introduction to AUTOSAR and application support to use with NXP Real-Time Drivers (MCAL).

“Future mobility, driven by electric and autonomous vehicles, will require safe solutions that can leverage high-performance processors,” said Simona-Sorina Costinescu, Software Manager for Automotive Processing Business Line at NXP. “The latest NXP S32Z and S32E families of real-time processors provide a processing foundation ideally positioned to address the needs of these solutions – and the HighTec C/C++ Compiler Suite facilitates the development of safe and secure software, while leveraging the high performance of the overall platform.”

In close cooperation with the silicon partner, HighTec has been providing early-stage tool support for all of NXP’s S32 Automotive Platform products for:

  • S32G Vehicle Network Processors for high-performance, safe and secure processing for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers, zonal processors, vehicle computers and safety processors;
  • S32R Radar Processors for high-performance, safe and secure processing for advanced corner and long-range front radar applications to high-resolution radar;
  • S32K General-Purpose Microcontrollers (MCUs)for automotive and industrial applications, requiring advanced safety and security and software support for ASIL B/D.

The HighTec C/C++ Compiler can be used as a standalone tool within the HighTec IDE, but also as a bundle in the S32 Design Studio from NXP.

“We are very proud of our long-standing partnership with NXP, and HighTec is excited to be able to deliver comprehensive tool support for the latest NXP S32 processors right from the start,” said Mario Cupelli, CTO at HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH. “The anticipated access to a safety qualified compiler suite for NXP devices grants a competitive advantage to embedded developers by accelerating their development cycle and their product’s time to market for automotive applications.”

More information on the HighTec C/C++ Compiler Suite for NXP S32 processors and other HighTec products and services is available at More information on the NXP S32Z and S32E real-time processors is available at

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