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Qkit - ISO 26262 Tools Qualification Kit

ISO 26262The HighTec compiler product (called "Development Platform") is a NQA certified software tool according to ISO 26262 for safety related development. The NQA assessment and resulting tool certification of the HighTec products offer development organization the required evidence to demonstrate compliance with ISO 26262 standards.

Since 2016 the certificate has been replaced by HighTec's popular and highly respected ASIL-D ISO 26262 "Qkit" qualification kit

Qkit enables users to perform standard compliant qualification in a simple and easy way, supporting qualification up to ISO26262 ASIL D, IEC61508 SIL 4 and EN50128 SIL 4.

ISO26262 qualification compiler

The HighTec Qkit approach consists of:

  • Qualification Support Tool (QST) developed in cooperation with Validas AG, an authoritative company in library and tool qualification
    • Includes a detailed model of the compiler tool chain
    • Generates the customer tests and documents needed for the qualification, based on the customer's specific use-case
  • Automated Test Framework (Test Automation Unit)
    • Integrates different test suites
    • Extendible to support additional test cases

The generated Safety Documents:

    • Tool Classification Report
    • Tool Safety Manual (measures to mitigate potential errors)
    • Tool Qualification Plan (validation goals, requirements of standard)
    • Tool Qualification Report (use cases and features that have been qualified, Test Resulting Tool Confidence Level) 

Qualification kit Qkit ISO26262

The following graphic illustrates the basic work-flow of the certification process.

ISO26262 compiler certification

Contrary to standard Safety Manuals based on fixed default tool settings and non-relevant test suites, HighTec's unique approach provides the user with a tailored set of Safety Documents based on the user's specific and optimized tool settings related to the application that is subject to the certification. To request more detailed information about Qkit, please contact our Qkit experts team.

Qkit is available for multiple architectures, such as TriCore/Aurix, ARM and Power Architecture. Qkit can be used for various certification processes, such as ISO 26262, ISO-13849, EN50128 and IEC61508.